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Banquet Marinero -------------------------------------------------------- $35.95 for 4   $24.50 for 2

Seafood Banquet — fresh octopus, jumbo shrimp, fresh oysters, crispy fillet, ceviche of shrimp and fish and tomato sauce.


Calamares Fritos con Ensalad --------------------------------------- $13.50

Fried calamari served on a bed of lettuce with tomato sauce


Chicharrones de Pescado ---------------------------------------------- $12.50


Chicharrones de Pescado y Camaron Rellenos----------------- $16.50

Fried calamari served on a bed of lettuce with tomato sauce


Botana de Pulpo o Camaron ------------------------------------------ $19.50

Your choice of octopus or shrimp served on a bed of lettuce with sliced vegetables

“Great service and amazing green chile. This is the kind of hole in wall place you're hoping for...”

- Daniel H.

7 8 La Playa Caldo 7 Mares


Tostada Combo -------------------------- $7.95


Tostada de Camaron o Pulpo ------- $5.25

Shrimp or octopus a la mantequillo (cooked in butter)


Tostada de Ceviche de Camaron --- $5.25

Tostada shell topped with ceviche of shrimp

Shrimp Cocktail ----------------------------------------------------------- $9.25 sm    $12.25 lg

Mexican style shrimp cocktail


Campechana a Escoger ------------------------------------------------ $12.95

Combination cocktail of shrimp and oyster or shrimp and octopus


Oyster Cocktail ------------------------------------------------------------ $9.95 sm    $14.50 lg


Vuelve a la Vida------------------------------------------------------------ $12.99

Octopus, oyster, and shrimp cocktail


Ceviche de Camaron ---------------------------------------------------- $14.50 Bowl


Fresh Oysters (12) ------------------------------------------------------- $17.95


Camarones Ahogados ------------------------------------------------- $15.50


Camarones Aquachiles ------------------------------------------------ $15.50

FISH (Filetes y Pescado)

Served with rice and salad


Taquitos de Mar (3) ----------------------------------------------------- $9.75

Open faced corn tortillas filled with fish cooked with tomatoes and onions.


Trucha al Gusto (Sin Hueso) ---------------------------------------- $12.25

Trout cooked in your choice of butter or garlic sauce


Filete de Pescado (Al Gusto) ---------------------------------------- $13.95

Empanizado, a la plancha, al ajo, ranchero o ala veracrusana, filete frito


Mojarra ---------------------------------------------------------------------- $Market Price

Frita, al ajo, ala mantequilla


Plato Costeno ------------------------------------------------------------ $14.25

Trout cooked in butter or garlic suace topped with three large shrimp


Minimo de 4 personas

Seafood Parillada ------------------ $86.50

Parillada de Carnes---------------- $71.00


Caldo de Pascado (Fish Soup) ----- $12.50

Caldo de Camaron (Shrimp Soup)  $12.50

Caldo de Pascado con Camaron -- $13.50

Caldo 7 Mares   -------------------------- $14.95

Soup of the seven seas. Octopus, scallpos, crab, fish, shrimp, calamari & clams




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